Youth Fellowship

  • Weekly Friday night Youth Fellowship
    • Friday 7:30 -9:30 (in-person at church and online )
    • Worship, Games, Lesson series, Bible study, Small groups
  • Weekly Wednesday night youth prayer meeting
    • Wednesday 7:45pm-9pm (currently online only )
  • Youth Fellowship retreat in October
  • Winter Teen Conference in February
  • Accountability groups meet periodically throughout the year
  • Special events, such as 30 hour Famine, Passion Night, Worshep Night , summer outing, and more

LYF 2021 Summer plan

Enjoy the Summer of 2021!!

LYF Updates 2/5/2021

Join us this Friday!

LYF Updates 1/28/2021

Faith in Jesus must be the foundation of our own identity.

LYF Update 2/20/21

Remembering Jesus (What we talked about Last Week)  On Friday we talked about “Living Witnesses”. As Asian Americans we are experts as Code Switching. We change how we behave, speak, even dress, to fit into different contexts. While for many of us, this may come from…

Focused on Jesus in 2020 – Dec. 29


We celebrated the Condescending Christ of Christmas!