Youth Sunday School – Spring

We have moved Youth Sunday School to online Zoom meetings. Students, please click the classroom link to join your Sunday school class.  

Every Sunday 9:45am-11am, February to June, 2021

Fall Class Subject Teacher Class Room/Link
7th Grade New Testament survey Tina Chen & Xiaofen Qiao A115
8th Grade Discipleship Essentials Vivian Gillis A211
9th Grade The progress of Redemption Annie Zhong A215
10th Grade Christian Ethics Charles Wang & Huadong Sun A213
11th Grade Tough questions about Christianity Raymond Xie & Gail Xiang A219
12th Grade How to defend our Christian faith Jeremy MacDonald & Charlene Liang LYF room

Class objectives

  1. NT Survey (7th)
    • To recognize the NT books of the Bible
    • To understand the content of the Bible in terms of its themes
    • To  see the one picture of the Bible in terms of the revelation of God in redemption plan
  1. Discipleship Essentials (8th)
    • To help students understand the basics of what it means to follow Christ
    • To help students apply Christian thinking to different areas of life
    • To help students develop a devotional life so that they can grow in Christ on their own.
  1. The progress of Redemption (9th)
    • To comprehensively understand the whole picture of the plan of redemption from Creation of Revelation
    • To walk through the Bible in the perspective of redemption
    • To understand the progressive special revelation in redemption through the history in the Bible
  1. Christian Ethics (10th)
    • To expose and discuss the social issues surrounding our youth in the 21th century postmodern world with biblical principles
    • To assure the youth how Christians shall live out the faith to be the light and salt to the world
    • To strengthen our youth with confidence by biblical support to all social issues
  1. The Controversial Issues and tough questions about Christianity (11th)
    • To deep study some controversial issues and some tough answered questions which Christians may encounter in their life
    • To have our youth open their mind to understand the characters of God through the controversial issues
    • To humble our youth in the process of knowing God with our limited knowledge and wisdom while facing the controversial and tough issues
  1. How to defend our Christian faith (12th)
    • To teach our youth with logical and critical thinking to defend their faith
    • To strengthen our youth with confidence in their faith by assuring them what they are convicted
    • To deepen the biblical foundation in faith