Local Mission

“The Christmas CARE Project is an opportunity for individuals and families to get involved in Christ’s kingdom mission. Just as the star led the magi from distant lands to the Christ child, so we are the light of Christ to lead others to Him. While this is something we should be doing daily, in this Advent season, let us give the hope, the joy, the love and the peace of Christ to others through the giving of our time and our resources. Ultimately, we are giving the greatest gift of all: Jesus Christ.” 

Please check out the information below to see what we’re doing and how YOU can get involved! 

Local Mission Ministry Mission Statement:

“Transforming lives and communities by advancing God’s kingdom through meeting present needs and presenting the eternal truth about Christ.”

Local Mission Ministries links below: 

May 2020 Local Mission “Care for the Community” Fund Raising

Thanks to all the brothers and sisters to support and participate the local mission project “Care for the community”. We totally raised $9330 for purchasing the face masks and items in need for our communities. Praise our Lord for all the love and care from our brothers and sister!

2020.4.26 Local Mission/Outreach Report

1.Encourage participation in Community Service (promote, pray and serve)

2.Outreach Program through various activities(Sports, Praise Dance, Chinese school, Heath check-up(was planned to host April), Parking lot events(was planned to host in August) before the pandemic.

3.Alpha Course (support MM/EM/CM)

MM- start first Mandarin Alpha online on 6/27/2020. The average number of seekers is around 10 people.

EM- will start CBCGL EM online Alpha in September!!

April 2020 Face shields &Face mask donation


Help Community in need during pandemics!!