Youth Sunday School time: 9:45am-11am, September 2023 to January 2024. 

Note: the first Sunday of each month is the joint youth prayer meeting in the LYF room (A105/107). We have six youth Sunday school classes on other Sundays 

Fall Class Subject Teacher Room
7th Grade Old Testament survey Yiwen Zhang A215
8th Grade Basics of Christianity Vivian Gillis A213
9th Grade Jesus Among other Gods Tony Tang A209
10th Grade Intro to Worldview Albert Shi A201A
11th Grade Basic Evangelical Theology Charlene Liang GIFT (A102/104)
12th Grade Biblical Worldview Charles Wang/Caleb Cheng LYF (A105/107)

Class objectives
1. OT Survey (7th Graders)
    a. To recognize the OT books of the Bible
    b. To understand the content of the Bible in terms of its themes
    c. To see the one picture of the Bible in terms of the revelation of God in
redemption plan
2. Basics of Christianity (8th Graders)
    a. To understand what Christianity is all about in basic
    b. To recognize what a Christian should believe fundamentally
3. Jesus Among Other Gods (9th Graders)
    a. To recognize the religions of the world in terms of what they believe and history
    b. To understand the differences of Christianity from other religions of false gods
    c. To strengthen the faith of youth by confirming the truth of Christianity
4. Biblical Thinking (Intro to worldview) (10th Graders)
    a. To introduce the thinking and the implications of Biblical truth for directing the lives of youth (i.e. Belief affects values affects actions)
    b. To cultivate in the daily lives of our youth and in their understanding the basics of worldview, particularly explaining Christian Worldview.
5. Basic Evangelical Theology (11th Graders)
    a. To establish the critical thinking in basic Christianity
    b. To form the biblical thinking in the mind of youth through theology /doctrine.
6. Biblical Worldview (12th Graders)
    a. To build the thinking system in the daily lives with biblical truth.
    b. To strengthen the Christian faith in every part of their life