Welcome To HomeBuildersToo

HBToo! (HomeBuilders Too!) meets twice a month to support families – whether engaged, newly married, with newborns and elementary aged kids. We meet on Saturday evenings at CBCGL, from 5:30pm to 8;30 pm, for fellowship, devotions, and a lesson. We rotate through a lesson cycle covering the topics of Marriage, Parenting and a Bible Study to build a God centralized, Family focused home. We’d be glad to have you join us

Fellowship Schedule

Our fellowship has always started with dinner together through a potluck. Each family brings one or two dishes to share.  After dinner, we have family devotions, where we have a bible story, we sing songs and pray. After that, the children will have game/craft/free time (with adult supervision). When the kids go to play, the adults go to study together (Discussing Marriage, Parenting or a Book of the Bible). To end our time together, we have dessert before we leave the church. 

  • We currently (Sept. 2023 – Spring 2024) focus on marriage.
  • We will focus on Bible Study in Fall 2024.

Fellowship Sessions

Dinner Together

For our dinner together, we use a theme (e.g. “Wrapped” – Bring something that is wrapped in vegetables, or meat, or tortillas, or something else that’s delicious) to maintain variety and share our culinary skills. (Note: you are not required to follow the theme. You could bring whatever you want). We eat dinner together so that we can enjoy different flavors from different families. The mostly important thing is that we can not only share food during the dinner time, but also share our high and low in the past weeks. It’s the time for us to know each other better and share life together.

Family Devotion

We encourage families to have regular family devotions at home (Weekly/bi-weekly/monthly) with each other. These devotions aim to teach and guide each of us to follow Jesus. Here are two examples of how you could do a family devotion (consisting of Prayer, Bible Reading and Singing). The left video is what we have done in our HBToo! fellowship before the adult study. The right video is one example you could follow to have family devotions at home (To view this video, you will need to login your CBCGL Office 365 account).

Adult Study & Children Time

The Adult Study rotates through a lesson cycle covering the topics of Marriage, Parenting and Bible Study. We do this to help us be better Christians, better spouses and better parents. Currently (in the fall of 2023) we are studying “Marriage” by Paul David Tripp. Here’s a list of some of the books we have previously studied.
For Bible Study: James, Acts, John
For Marriage: “Sacred Marriage”, “The Meaning of Marriage”,  “Fight Your Way to a Better Marriage”, “Marriage”
For Parenting: “Parenting By the Book”, “A Neglected Grace”, and “Parenting”, “The Christian Parenting Handbook.”

Dessert & Cleaning

After the study, we will have a short time for dessert (either store-bought or homemade). We work together to leave the space cleaner than we found it. When the cleaning is done, we say “Goodbye and See you tomorrow” and head home!