Is God calling you to serve 7th to 12th graders? Do you desire to point students to Christ and help them to mature and grow in Christlikeness? Do you want to work in a supportive multi-staff setting? Come and serve at the Chinese Bible Church of Greater Lowell (in MA). Salary is variable based on education, experience, and family need. To apply, contact Pastor Nathan Willems with a cover letter, your resume, a statement of faith and a statement of calling, as well as 3 names of possible references.


CBCGL Youth Minister/Pastor Profile (Published on Oct. 4th, 2022)

  1. Mission of the Youth Minister/Pastor:

    The mission of the Youth Minister/Pastor in the Chinese Bible Church of Greater Lowell (CBCGL) is to foster the transformation of CBCGL youth through prayer and sound teaching so that they become established in Christ Jesus and rooted in Scripture. He/She is to impart vision, give direction, and provide oversight to the CBCGL Youth Ministry. He/She should have a love for the youth and a passion for youth ministry. Through the enablement of God’s love, he/she is to befriend, mentor, and be a role model to the youth. Through servant leadership, he/she is to guide the co-workers and youth so that they become people of truth, love, and witnesses for Jesus Christ.

  2. Qualifications of the Youth Minister/Pastor:
    1. Spiritual:

      • He/She must be a person of good character and meet the biblical qualifications listed in 1 Peter 5:1-3, 1 Timothy 3:1-7 and Titus 3:1-7.
      • He/She must be growing in the qualities of Christ-like character, which are reflected in their ministry, family and social life, such as found in Galatians 3:22-23, Matthew 5:1-12, and 1 Corinthians 13:1-7.
      • He/She must have a genuine and clear calling from God to serve the youth (full-time), with a willingness to serve in a multi-cultural church.
      • He/She must be a person of prayer and faith, both in his/her personal and family life.
      • He/She must be one who does not rely on his/her own personal strength but relies on God.
      • He/She must be teachable, flexible, and humble so as to understand youth challenges common to teenagers.
      • He/She must have the desire to build up the ministry and its leadership team.

    2. Cultural Background:

      • He/She should be willing to learn about the Chinese-American cultural background. This is important to work effectively with the youth and the parents.
      • He/She must be legally able to work in the U.S.

    3. Experience:

      • He/She should have a minimum of 1 year of experience working with youth groups as a youth minister/intern OR 2 years of experience volunteering with youth groups.

    4. Language:

      • He/She must be fluent in English. If the Youth Minister/Pastor is fluent in Mandarin and/or Cantonese, it would be beneficial but not required.

    5. Education:

      • He/She should have a Seminary degree, preferably M.Div, OR a college degree in Biblical Studies, with some experience in youth ministry (see above).

    6. Marital Status:

      • He/She should pursue Godly relationships whether as a single person or as a married person.
      • If married, his/her spouse needs to have God’s calling to fully support his/her ministry.

  3. Principle Responsibilities of the Youth Minister/Pastor:
    1. Leading:

      • He/She is to impart a vision to the co-workers and youth with regard to the transformation that will occur over the course of the six years that youth are involved in youth ministry (from 7th to 12th grade); from non-Christian (or young Christian) to mature Christian.
      • He/She is to align the ministry with the church vision, direction, and activities and work with the Youth Ministry Committee (YMC) to achieve the vision for the youth.
      • He/She is to work with co-workers and youth to set strategies, goals and identify actions to reach the goal of transformation.
      • He/She is to work with the Youth Deacon and YMC to proactively maintain open and effective cross-cultural communication with parents.
      • He/She is to provide servant leadership in all planning, organization, and coordination of various activities and retreat events for the Youth Ministry.
      • He/She is to work collaboratively with the Children’s and College Ministries to ensure a seamless transition of the students into and out of youth group.

    2. Shepherding:

      • He/She is to continue pursuing an obedient, faithful relationship with Jesus Christ through the practice of spiritual disciplines
      • He/She is to give attention to the spiritual condition of his/her life and heart, plus that of his/her family.
      • He/She is to live life in the open, with authentic faith, so youth may see another life that is lived for the glory of God.
      • He/She is to be approachable and to develop friendship and mentoring relationships with the youth to foster their spiritual/social growth.

    3. Equipping:

      • He/She is to recruit and train both adult and youth leaders who assist in various aspects of the Youth Ministry.
      • He/She is to cultivate a culture of prayer in the co-workers, youth, and parents.
      • He/She is responsible for the teaching ministry of the youths. This includes preparing curriculum, in conjunction with the Youth Ministry Education Designated Responsible Individual – ensuring that Scripture is taught in ways that are relevant to the issues facing today’s youth.
      • He/She is to use various functions and activities of the Youth Ministry for the purpose of edification of the church and transforming the youth for Christ, leading them to live out their faith in their daily life.
      • He/She is to equip students to do the work of outreach – seeking to have students share their faith in Jesus Christ with non-Christians and setting an example for students in personal evangelism, such as in our regular short-term mission trips.

    4. Preaching (to the English-Speaking Congregation which includes the Youth ministry):

      • Pulpit Supply as needed (or as determined by English-Speaking Pastor)