CBCGL EM Update 06/05/2020

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Dear EM family,


I pray that this email finds you well.

In light of what happened this week, I am sharing a pastoral letter from Minister Ben this week:


Dear Brothers and Sisters in the LORD:

Peace to you all! In the wake of the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic comes the outcry for justice after the death of George Floyd. Just as weed grows in the soil of wheat, so do riot and looting ride on the wave of protests in the name of justice. I believe all of us are shocked and saddened by the violence and wickedness that stalk the protests. But the voice of Terrence Floyd, the brother of George Floyd, powerfully resonates in our ears and hearts. (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wRPpfKfz-QI) Justice is best sought in the system of justice, not in the street of revenging violence. As the mayor of Atlanta city Keisha Lance Bottoms pointed out, “A protest has purposes.” But violent chaos defeats that. (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BVs8JXqLPs8)  With a broken Imago Dei (image of God), Christians should not be surprised by the reality that evil in humanity is often wrapped in a paper-thin layer of good. We live in a world dominated by the second law of the thermodynamics in which any level of order requires intention, attention and exertion. Our confidence lies not in the fallen humanity, but in the immutable nature of God. Bible says, “Righteousness and justice are the foundation of your throne; love and faithfulness go before you.” (Psalm 89:14) The former precludes, but the latter includes; the former judges, but the latter forgives; the former excises, and the latter heals; the former targets sins, and the latter fosters faith. It is God who works with both justice and love in all things “for the good of those who love him, who have been called according to his purpose.” (Romans 8:28) Let us pray that the grace of God will preclude racism and prejudice from haunting this place, and forgiveness and healing prevail after the tragedy.


For the pandemic, the MA cases on 6/3 and 6/4 have risen to more than 400 from115 on 6/2 which may or may not correlate with the proceedings of protest. I think this is still likely a variation in a declining curve. Let us pray that this upward jump does not set forth a trend of rebound.

Scheduled on 6/28 is our 76th baptism for two adults and several youths. Given the pandemic, we need to be creative in our administration of this important sacrament or ceremony Jesus institutes. Please pray for the planning and coordination of the coworkers that the baptism will be conducted in a safe, meaningful and memorable way, and also for the people who will be baptized that God will continue to work in their hearts that they persevere in their faith and spiritual maturity.



May the LORD richly bless us


Minister Ben on behalf of the Pastoral and Elder Team




  1. Friday Night’s Bible Study is ON. We will continue to study the book of Romans.  You may dial in or login via your phone or personal computer:

Join Zoom Meeting


Meeting ID: 685 376 249

Password: 840840


Dial-in from your phone:  +1 929 436 2866 US (New York)

Meeting ID: 685 376 249


  1. This Sunday, Pastor Nathan Willems will be sharing God’s word with us:
    1. Live stream Youtube: http://cbcgl.org/resources/live-stream/
    2. Title: Subject to God’s Servants.
    3. Text: Romans 13:1-7.
    4. Coworker reminder:

    1. Sunday bulletin: http://cbcgl.org/ministries/english-ministry/em-weekly-bulletin/


  1. E.M. Sunday School

Topic: CBCGL EM Sunday Class “52 Major Stories of the Bible” (9:45 am – 11:00 am):

Join Zoom Meeting (Note the different link)


Meeting ID: 491 248 585

Password: 403767

Dial-in from your phone:  +1 929 205 6099 US (New York)

Meeting ID: 491 248 585


            YAs Sunday School (via Microsoft Teams)


Y.A.s Sunday School signup sheet https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1H0oSS1kpU8JUZAv0JcmivEIzR-tvDtihkrEtBLE8tJo/edit?usp=sharing


  1. Returning to church plan is tentatively laid out as follows:

            The moving of this plan depends on the reopening guideline from the Massachusetts governor office.


  1. From the E.M. Future Search Retreat back in January, many of us have expressed a common desire to become more prayerful people, to grow in love for God and unity as one body. To assess where we are lacking in prayer and gather ideas of how we can improve in the English Ministry, we are requesting all to fill out the following survey:


Besides gathering feedback and ideas, we also want to know if there is interest in forming E.M. Prayer groups – small groups that are intentional about spiritual support/accountability and praying together consistently. Please see the survey form for a greater description of Prayer Groups, and fill out your contact information if you are interested in joining one.
Know that all feedback and ideas towards improving prayer in the E
.M. are much welcomed and appreciated, so please fill out the survey! More importantly, be praying for the Spirit to guide and unite us as we seek to grow deeper in prayer together.


  1. Ladies Fellowship Announcement:

June 20, 2020 (Saturday @ 2 pm) – 

Title: “Living A Truly Fulfilled Life!”  

Speaker: Mrs. Priscilla Lee

Zoom info will follow

·      How can you and I live positive, productive and fruitful life in this crazy, senseless world? 

·      What are the meaning and purpose for living each day? 

·      Why is it that some of us feel unsettled and restless even when things are going fine? 

·      How can I live a truly fulfilled life for the rest of my time on this earth?  

On this June 20th Ladies Fellowship,  we will discover important Biblical Truth and Guidelines on how to live a truly fulfilling life. 


  1. All other announcement items can be found here.


Prayer Request:

  1. Wednesday night prayer meeting (7:45 pm – 9:15 pm)

Zoom Meeting:


Meeting ID: 758 587 937

Password: 030086

Join by phone: +1 929 436 2866 US (New York)


  1. If you have not had a chance to look at our prayer list, please do!  There are many answered prayers, and many more that require our intercession. Here is the prayer list. You may also enter yours: