CBCGL EM Update 12/25/2020

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Greetings, Brothers, Sisters, and Friends of CBCGL,


First of all, Merry Christmas to you and your loved ones. May your Christmas be full of joy and peace.

This year’s Christmas gathering is rather unusual. Due to the pandemic, we are restrained from celebrating with our immediate household and family members. However, we could meet with other family members and friends through the Zoom or Teams’ virtual gathering. On the other hands, I find that I could have more quality time to spend with people around me…. And also do some exciting thinking…. Here is one:


Did you ever wonder why we celebrate Jesus’ birthday on December 25th and call it Christmas? Though the Bible is not meant to be a source for history; however, it contains information that helps scholars piece together significant events such as Passover and Easter. T Bible leaves out substantial evidence on pinpointing Jesus’ date of birth, except from the encounter of Zechariah and the birth of John the Baptist, who was born six months earlier than Jesus (Luke 1: 5-38). Since we don’t know which date baby Jesus was born, how should we respond to the assumption about “celebrating Jesus’ birthday on Christmas,” as this day, “a Savior is born” (Luke 2:11)?



This question reminds me of a famous Chinese martial art novelist Louis Cha. Louis Cha is better known by his non-de plume (i.e., pen name) of Jin Yong. His novels bear a style of integrating characters from his imagination with the real ancient Chinese history. One of his creations was an imaginary character named Little Treasure. Little Treasure was a fake eunuch who was a friend of the Qing Dynasty’s Emperor Kangxi. In the novel, Little Treasure helped Emperor Kangxi strategically arrest an ambitious general, Obai, who had gained power and threatened Kangxi’s throne. While the account between Emperor Kangxi and the powerful general Obai was historically a real event, the mastermind in the novel Little Treasure was not. Western novelist Dan Brown’s Da Vinci Code and Angels & Demons were also using a similar writing style to integrate fiction with history.

The authors of the Gospel of Matthew and the Gospel of Luke, presumably Matthew and Luke, were not like Jin Yong or Dan Brown, who conjured their fabrications for a more personal purpose. But it is not true for the authors of the gospel books. So how did the gospel authors know the details of Jesus’ birth? While we may take the narratives in by faith and respond with “they are inspired by God,” there may be other clues in the story to suggest another possibility. A Possibility that the gospel authors had obtained authentic confirmation from Jesus’ mother Mary or Joseph, who were first witnesses when Magi came and visited. As far as the date of baby Jesus’ birth, that remains a mystery until this day.


I hope I have stirred up a little curiosity in your faith. Make a quest for your inquiry. Help affirm your belief and honestly know who you believe (2 Timothy 1:12) and why.


How then should we celebrate Christmas? After all, what God’s Word revealed, was not when Jesus was born (Not to mention Jesus was Jewish, and Jewish people use a different calendar) but how. Will we offend God by celebrating Christmas?  We offend God if we are idolatrous and disobedient. Suppose we gather with gratitude and a thankful heart; Christmas is a time to proclaim our salvation through our Savior Jesus Joyfully. He is our price of peace!



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Your brother in Christ,