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Brothers and Sisters in Christ,

       It’s been a full week with Chinese New Year celebrations, Valentine’s Day, Ash Wednesday, and the Super Bowl, but this week I want to brag on God. God provided better than I could have planned, though not in ways that I expected.
       My daughter had oral surgery scheduled for Monday. It was the 3rd time it had been scheduled. I found out on Thursday, last week, that the surgery got bumped to Tuesday, at 8 am. On Friday, meteorologists began to forecast a classic nor’easter – 8 to 12 inches of snow for all of MA. They said the storm would start Monday night and go through Tuesday.
       I began to think through how we would be able to get to the hospital, especially if the snow started Monday night. I began to be irritated that this was the third time the surgery had been bumped. If it would’ve been Monday, we wouldn’t have to deal with the snow. The more I thought about it, the more unknowns there were: “Would the surgery even take place? What if the medical staff couldn’t get to the hospital? How long would the recovery take? How much more snow would be on the ground following the surgery and post-op recovery (it was outpatient)?” On Monday night, we had dinner with a friend and let them know that the snow was coming and that they should be ready for a big storm. During the meal, we got a call from the school saying that it was cancelled. My kids were happy, but I was still concerned about snow.
       But faithful brothers and sisters prayed. And God knew what he was doing.
       On Tuesday morning, after waking up at 3:45 am, I had a quick breakfast and watched an update forecast. They explained that the jet stream moved the storm further south. The snow wouldn’t start until later morning. And it wouldn’t be 8 to 12 inches, maybe just a dusting to an inch in our area.
       But because the schools had been closed, because of the forecasted nor’easter, the roads were clear. I drove the speed limit on the highways into Boston (normally I drive a little faster). We made it with plenty of time, and no snow. The surgery was successful. By the time we were discharged, the snow had just begun in Boston. But we were driving home, where there was less snow. In fact, it had stopped snowing by the time we made it home.
       God had worked out details that I hadn’t imagined. He cleared school for my daughter on the day of her surgery. He cleared the roads of cars due to the forecasted storm. He cleared the roads of snow so that I didn’t have to drive back on snow covered roads in treacherous conditions. He cleared the schedule for my wife and kids so that they could help prepare things at home for when we got back from surgery. He cleared away any cause of anxiety or care showing that He cared for me and my daughter. He cleared away the storm, moving it further south, since the wind and the waves obey him. He kept us from going on Monday (when we would’ve been tired after the Super Bowl) and provided for us completely on Tuesday (even having the grocery store be mostly empty so I could quickly pick up the needed foods for my daughter post-surgery). God knows, God plans, God provides, God cares. May God alone be praised!

Additionally, please continue to pray for the nations of Israel and Ukraine. Pray that the wars would end. Here is a suggested list of prayers if you are at a loss for words in how to pray: And Thank you for kneeling on behalf of the people of Ukraine and Russia, Israel and Gaza and taking a stand (or a knee in prayer) against the forces of darkness in this present age.

This Week (Feb. 16 – 22, 2024):

1. Tonight, Feb. 16, 2024, the Living Stones Friday Night Bible Study is meeting from 7:30-9:30 to study about the love expressed in God’s name. You can read Psalm 103 to prepare. Join in person in Room A-218 or online via the following link at 7:30 pm:  
Meeting ID: 685 376 249   
Password: 840840   
Join by phone:  +1 929 436 2866 US (New York)

2. The Living Stones Sunday School and Grace Ambassadors Sunday School are meeting this Sunday. The Grace Ambassadors will continue a discussion of “The Pilgrim’s Progress: Part 2”. The Living Stones will be studying an Overview of the NT in the Koinonia Room (A-216). They will use the following link for those who wish to join online this Sunday:
Meeting ID: 491 248 585 
Password: 403767 
Join by phone: +1 929 205 6099 US (New York) 

3. This Sunday, Feb. 18, 2024, at 11:25 am, our CrossPoint Community Service will start and Pastor Nathan Willems will be preaching. Pray for him! Join us for worship at CBCGL!

Text: Genesis 2:4-25
Title: The Lord’s Priorities for Humanity
Live stream via Youtube:

4. Each Wednesday, such as this week (Feb. 21) at 7:45 pm, you are invited, encouraged, and requested to join our weekly prayer meeting. We will not grow in Christ without growing in our dependence on God through prayer. The link is found below in the section on ex

Administration / Events

1. We have a missions update (so check out the missions tab in the bulletin)! You can provide support for COCM (in England), for James Liang (at UConn), or T and C who are serving with Africa Inland Mission as coordinators for the Asia Initiative, which seeks to recruit Chinese co-workers to serve as missionaries in unreached parts of Africa.

2. The Ladies Fellowship (Keeping in Vertical) invites you to register to attend a one-day women’s retreat at Calvary Bible Church in Derry, NH either Friday, May 3 or Saturday, May 4, 2024 (a one-day event held on two separate days).
       Online registration is available beginning Monday, February 19, 2024 at ; Cost is $45 which includes breakfast, lunch and registration details.
       EVENT DETAILS including the event schedule, a short bio on the speaker and important things to know can be found on the website noted above.
       **PLEASE NOTE** Tickets are NONREFUNDABLE AND NONRETURNABLE (Feel free to sell or give your ticket to a friend if you register and can’t make it). Also, plan to register early as a WAITING LIST WILL NOT BE AVAILABLE THIS YEAR. Registration starts on the website February 19th. Financial aid is available upon request. For more info, please contact: jeannemic50 (at)

3. Sign up to help with Easter Family Festivities on March 30 (Saturday) – from 10:30 to 4:30 (includes set-up, lunch, the event, and clean-up)! Scan the QR code in the Sunday morning announcements or talk with Joshua Zhang or Pastor Nathan to sign-up!

4. We will have our next baptism service on Easter (March 31). To be baptized, you must attend baptism class. If you are interested in being baptized, please contact Pastor Nathan Willems. Come to baptism class to learn why we baptize people, what is necessary for baptism, and what rights and responsibilities you have as someone who is baptized.

We also will have child dedication. If you’re interested in dedicating your child(ren), talk with Pastor Nathan!

5. Sunday Lunch Service is available at CBCGL with $5 lunches that are first-come, first-served. We’ll work at ending our service on time so that you can get lunch!

6. All other announcements can be found here (in our CrossPoint Community bulletin).

For Prayer:

1. From Bishop J.C. Ryle – “To be prayerless is to be Christless, Godless, and in the high road to destruction…It will always be found that when prayers are few, grace, strength, peace, and hope are small.” Please join our Wednesday night prayer meeting (7:45 – 9:15 pm) even if you can’t participate the whole time.
Meeting ID: 758 587 937
Password: 030086
Join by phone: +1 929 436 2866 US (New York)

2. We’d be glad to pray for you. If you need prayer, you can submit your prayer request via the following link:

In Christ, your servant, SDG,
Rev. Dr. Nathan Willems
Associate Pastor of CrossPoint Community – A Ministry of CBCGL