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Brothers and Sisters in Christ,

      This past week, from May 2-4, I had the pleasure of attending the Chinese Heritage Church Ministers Collective. The event was held in Pearland, TX (just south of Houston) at Pearland Chinese Church.
       The event wasn’t a conference – a place to go to receive content, strategy, or ideas to try to bring back and implement in our different ministries. Instead, it was a time to be refreshed (though the long days of travel for me have left me a bit tired!). We had sessions where different people shared on specific topics, like how they stayed in the church when there was significant difficulty or how it is possible to work within a Chinese Heritage Church and work from your strengths. We also took time to understand and correct some common misconceptions and consider how we are working to collaborate with sisters in ministry in the Chinese Heritage Church, and more!
      Each session was set up to provide time for pastors and ministers and other church leaders who were present to connect with other Chinese Heritage church leaders from around the country. There were over 30 people present from California, over 30 from Texas, around 15 from Massachusetts, and about 30 from other parts of the country – Georgia, Indiana, Chicago, Ohio, etc…
      Something that was really encouraging to me was to meet, and talk with, others who have served in the Chinese Heritage church setting for more years than I have! I have been serving at CBCGL since 2005, but on staff since 2008. But I met others who have been serving for over 25, or over 30, and some over 40 years, within Chinese Heritage churches. Another thing that was encouraging for me was to consider that the difficulties that we face and the questions that we are asking in terms of how to do ministry are similar in other Chinese Heritage churches. It is easy to look at our own difficulties and consider that they are unique. But there are other churches who have gone through the same or are going through the same. This has helped me to realize how much more I need to depend on the Lord, since answers aren’t obvious or readily available and since God alone can and does change people’s lives.
      I am thankful to be part of the work that God is doing in bringing generations of people to know, love and obey our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. Are you?

      Also, please continue to pray for the nation of Ukraine. Here is a suggested list of prayers if you are at a loss for words in how to pray: Thank you for kneeling on behalf of the people of Ukraine and Russia, and taking a stand (or a knee in prayer) against the forces of darkness in this present age.

This Week (May 5 - May 11, 2023):

1. Tonight, May 5, 2023, the Living Stones Friday Night Bible Study is meeting from 7:30-9:30 to begin our study about My Encounter With Jesus. You can read John 9 in preparation for this time of fellowship. Join in person in Room A-216 or online via the following link at 7:30 pm:
Meeting ID: 685 376 249
Password: 840840
Join by phone: +1 929 436 2866 US (New York)

2. The Living Stones Sunday School and Grace Ambassadors Sunday School classes are joining together for Sunday School talking about the Heart of Christ for sinners and sufferers this Sunday, May 7, at 9:45 am (in-person in Room A-202)
Meeting ID: 491 248 585
Password: 403767
Join by phone: +1 929 205 6099 US (New York)

3. This Sunday, May 7, 2023, at 11:25 am, Pastor Nathan Willems will be preaching. Pray for him! Join us for worship at CBCGL!

a. Text: Luke 18:9-14
b. Title: Truthful Praying
c. Live stream via Youtube:

4. Each Wednesday, such as this week (May 10) at 7:45 pm, you are invited, encouraged, and requested to join our weekly prayer meeting. We will not grow in Christ without growing in our dependence on God through prayer. In April, we will be taking time to pray for our contexts (and for our college students!). The link is found below in the section on prayer.

Administration / Events

1. Thanks to those of you who helped by breaking out your cleaning skills to bring order out of chaos, to restore structure to disarray, to clean our fellowship rooms. We cleaned all our assigned rooms and more because we had a great group of committed cleaners.

2. We have a missions update (so check out the missions tab from the bulletin)! This week, we have an update from Rev. Aritung Kikon who is working to establish a Seminary in Nagaland, India. (For those who were here in 2009-2010 – He attended the English congregation and helped with teaching Youth Sunday School while he was here.) They recently had their first graduation service and are working on building projects so that they can equip and train church workers to go out and lead churches in and around Nagaland, India. Please check the missions tab in our bulletin to read through his report and learn how you can support our missionaries.

3. Save the Dates:
May 6th – Worship Leader Training, 1 to 5 pm (@ CBCGL) – Here is a link to sign-up:
May 13th – Marriage Conference, 9:30 am to 5 pm (with dinner on your own afterwards) – (@BCEC Chinatown).
May 21st – CBCGL Annual Heart Pond 5K Fun Run and Walk will be held on May 21 Sunday afternoon 2-4 pm. This fundraising event supports youth short-term mission trips to Boston Project and local service project this summer. All are welcome, join the fun and register now using the link, For more details, please visit.

4. Sunday Lunch Service is available at CBCGL with $5 lunchboxes! To place an order, please use the following link: Orders need to be placed by Friday at 11 pm so that the kitchen can prepare the correct amount of food. Note: The selection which states “Number of Meals” refers to the cooked food/lunch box/Chinese food option.

5. CBCGL’s COVID-19 guidance has been updated. We still are following CDC guidance for travel and participation in activities following travel or exposure to a positive case. Please note, wearing a face mask to church is now optional.

6. All other announcements can be found here (in our CrossPoint Community bulletin).

For Prayer:

1. The one who lives without prayer lives as if there is no God. Truly, our time in prayer shows what we think about God! Do you see your need of Him? Or are you trying to live this life without / apart from Him? Please join our Wednesday night prayer meeting (7:45 – 9:15 pm) even if you can’t participate the whole time.
Meeting ID: 758 587 937
Password: 030086
Join by phone: +1 929 436 2866 US (New York)

2. We’d be glad to pray for you. If you need prayer, you can submit your prayer request via the following link:

In Christ, your servant, SDG,
Rev. Dr. Nathan Willems
Associate Pastor of CrossPoint Community – A Ministry of CBCGL