Day 3: More Evangelizing…

by | Jul 4, 2018 | Youth Costa Rica STM | 0 comments

As usual, we started the day at 7:30 with a devotional.

After breakfast (and watching the World Cup), we went to work right away, walking to the same bus station to pray for people as well as hand out more church invitation cards. We also brought small booklets specifically for shop owners.

We met back up after these, and returned to the church for lunch (and more World Cup). More miniature wooden crosses made and more cards written, we were ready to head back out again. This time, we went to a slightly more dangerous area (we were told not to bring valuables along), and split up to deliver bibles to and pray for the residents once again. From my group’s experience, this less fortunate neighborhood had more exceptionally inviting people, who accepted prayer, and gave us requests. We later learned of the prevalence of drug dealers and criminals in that neighborhood, after Charles encountered three of them and a criminal motorcycled past us.

When that was finished, we met up at a park at the center of the neighborhood, and rallied up the children from it. They explained to us some games they liked to play, including a “Cat and Mouse” and “Where’s the Wolf,” both of which involved lots of running, chasing, and laughing. When that was over, I experienced my first tough good-bye of the trip, as we had to make it back in time to rehearse our worship song, and for the 7 PM service.

The song we chose to lead was “Build My Life,” in Spanish, with Timmy playing keyboard, David playing Guitar, and me (Chris) playing Cajon. Following that, Nathan, with the help of a couple of translators, gave a lesson revolving around the fact we as Christians should reflect Jesus’ sacrifice by living in service of others. Finally, we ended the day with a late dinner and a visit to the local supermarket.

As we are still near the beginning of this trip, we ask that you would pray for our diligence in planning, especially with a one-weekend VBS to plan. Also, that the things we see here and the lessons we learn are able to be further developed, further ingrained into our minds, so that we may better pursue lives of love and sacrifice.

Thanks to everyone for the continued prayer and support,