Focused on Jesus in 2020 – Mar. 3

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Remembering Jesus (What we talked about Last Week)

Lots of people try to use Jesus; others misunderstand or misrepresent him; but Jesus accepts as his family those who do the will of God.


Depending on our Father like Jesus did (Prayer)

Prayer meeting is Combined Tomorrow  (Wed., Mar. 4, 7:45 pm). If you can, join prayer meeting at the Church or Online (at 8:30 pm).


Talking with God (Andrew Murray 165): “My day will respond to the morning watch time spent with God.”


What you can pray for:

  1. Your church – Pray for God to lead our church in Pastoral Staff transitions. Pray that we would be about the business of making disciples of Jesus Christ!
  2. Your Youth Group – for students to grow in love and knowledge of our Lord Jesus Christ, through the work of the Holy Spirit
  3. Your Friends – for their lives to be grounded in, centered on, rooted in Christ. And pray for your non-Christian friends to know Jesus.
  4. Yourself – and your eternal (and immediate) needs, like being faithful in evangelism.


Speaking of Jesus (Outreach and Small Groups / Fellowship and Discipleship)

This Week:

  1. Friday, Mar. 6 – Mark 4:1-34
  2. Sunday, Mar. 8 9:45 am First Sunday Prayer; 11:25 am Worship Service (Elder Cheung will preach) (1:30 – 4 – Ping Pong Tournament)

    Next Week:

  1. Friday, Mar. 13 – Mark 5 (One Week until 30 Hour Famine!)
  2. Sunday, Mar. 15 9:45 am First Sunday Prayer; 11:25 am Worship Service (Pastor Chin will preach) (1:30 to 4 – Badminton Tournament)

Our Future with Jesus (Upcoming Events):

Mar. 8 – DayLight Savings Ends – Spring Ahead, Baptism Class Begins!

Mar. 20-21 – 30 Hour Famine – Enough!

Apr. 12Easter Service (Combined); Baptism!

Apr. 25 – Passion Night (@ CBCGL)