LYF Updates 1/28/2021

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Remembering Jesus (What we talked about Last Week)  

On Friday we talked about “Living Between Worlds”. As Asian Americans we naturally live in between worlds. We have a national and ethnic Identity. Looking to Paul as an example of someone who also have two different national and ethnic identities, we can see how our live in between two worlds. Jesus was the foundation for Paul’s Identity, the reason he changed his life and name. Being a Christian was the foundation for Paul, of what it meant to be a Roman citizen, and a Jew. We must be like Paul, having Jesus as the foundation of our identity, not just an addition to it, or separate from it. We are first Christians, then we are Asian and or Americans. This means that Jesus has our loyalty first, and not anyone or anything else. But it also means that we uniquely image God as Asians and Asian Americans. We don’t need to stop being Asian or Americans, but rather, embrace our multi-cultured identity, and show others who God is through it. 


Updated Events: 

This Week: 

Friday, Jan. 29nd – LYF Online – Small Group Free Time

Sunday, Jan. 31th – 9:45 am Sunday School; 11:25 am English Worship (via Youtube / Facebook livestream) – Elder Sam Cheung will preach!  


Next Week: 

Wednesday, Feb3rd – Youth Prayer Meeting Online  8 pm 

Friday, Feb. 5th – LYF Online – Bible Study In John – Introduction

Sunday, Feb. 7th – 9:45 am Youth First Sunday Prayer; 11:25 am English Worship (via Youtube / Facebook livestream) – Elder Raymond Xie will preach! 


Our Future with Jesus (Upcoming Events): 

Feb. 12-15, 2021 – WTC Sign-up Deadline Closed!  

Mar. 19-20, 2021 –30Hr Famine (Online) – Sign up here, Start raising money! 


What you can pray for: 

Your church – That we would serve each other, even while practicing “social distancing” and in Quarantine. Pray for health and strength for church members. Pray that we would be about the business of making disciples of Jesus Christ!  

Your Youth Group – for students to grow in love and knowledge of our Lord Jesus Christ, through the work of the Holy Spirit. 

Your Friends – for their lives to be grounded in, centered on, rooted in Christ. And pray for your non-Christian friends to know Jesus. 

Yourself – and your eternal (and immediate) needs, like being faithful in evangelism or knowing how to spend your time during the pandemic, or knowing how to be part of the solution to racism rather than being part of the problem.