Nov. 12, 2019

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Last Week: We are prone to idolatry – our hearts are idol factories. So we give our lives away to things or people other than God. How do we combat idolatry? Love and Worship Jesus!

This Week:

     1.   Prayer – Prayer meeting is tomorrow night (Wed., Nov. 13) at 7:45 pm at the Youth Pastor’s house or Online. Join us for a time of prayer together as we talk with the God of your life.

        a.   Talking with God (Andrew Murray 154): “Whenever I come in prayer, the Lord instructs me to pause long enough to remember who He is.”

        b.   What you can pray for:

              i.   Your church – Pray for God to lead our church in Pastoral Staff transitions. Praise God for the answers to prayer regarding the building! Pray that we would be about the business of making disciples of Jesus Christ.

              ii.  Your Youth Group – for students to grow in love and knowledge of our Lord Jesus Christ, through the work of the Holy Spirit

              iii. Your Friends – for their lives to be grounded in, centered on, rooted in Christ. And pray for your non-Christian friends to know Jesus.

              iv. Yourself – and your eternal (and immediate) needs, like being faithful in evangelism.

     2.   Fellowship / Discipleship

a.     Friday, Nov. 15 – Accountability Groups Pack Shoeboxes for Operation Christmas Child

b.     Sunday, Nov. 179:45 am Sunday School, 11:25am Worship (Brother Varghese Preaches)

Next Week:

a.     Friday, Nov. 22 – T3: Pride vs. Humility – LG w/ SG

b.     Sunday, Nov. 249:45 am Sunday School, 11:25am Worship (Brother Zhang) – Turn in the Shoeboxes for Operation Christmas Child! 1:30 pm – 30th Anniversary Celebration

Coming Soon to your LYF:

Nov. 17 – CBCGL Fall Clean-up Day – 1:30 to 3 pm
Nov. 18-25 – National Collection Week for Operation Christmas Child
Nov. 24 – CBCGL 30th Anniversary Celebration! Beginning at 1:30 pm
Nov. 28 – Thanksgiving
Nov. 29 – No LYF