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Brothers and Sisters in Christ,

       We can be encouraged to know, love, and follow Jesus Christ as we learn about the lives of other Christians who have gone before us. This week, we take time to learn about George Whitefield, little known for starting the Methodist church, better known for being part of the Great Awakening back in the 1700’s in the United States and England. A famous preacher, D. Martyn-Lloyd Jones (himself an Englishman) said that Whitefield was “the greatest preacher that England has ever produced.”
       George Whitefield was a typical church kid – someone who knows the truths, the stories, and maybe even thinks that preaching is cool, but didn’t really know Jesus. He liked to be in front of crowds, even as a child – such as in plays or public speeches. He even liked attending church when he visited his brother out of town.
       When he returned to school after having dropped out to help his mother with the Bell Inn (in Gloucester, England), he fell in with the Wesley brothers, John and Charles (who are generally thought to be the founders of Methodism). Their “holy club” met to do religious activities, encourage one another, and help the poor and needy. It wasn’t until he was 21 that he learned of the reality of spiritual regeneration and the new life that we can have through Christ. It was then that he truly became a Christian, a follower of Christ.
       God used Whitefield’s skills in public speaking to train him as a preacher. And an avid preacher he was! Pastor Warren Wiersbe explains: “Historians tell us that Whitefield preached from forty to sixty hours a week, a total of more than eighteen thousand sermons during thirty-four years of public ministry.” Benjamin Franklin wrote of Whitefield that his open-air preaching could be heard clearly by approximately thirty thousand people at one time.
       Whitefield and the Wesleys had some public falling-out due to differences in theology. But Whitefield remained charitable and even handed over the leadership of the Methodist church to the Wesleys to avoid controversy and maintain the unity of the Spirit in the bond of peace.
       Whitefield had 7 visits to preach throughout the American Colonies. He worked to found an orphanage in Georgia and on his final visit to the states, passed away while staying in the parsonage (the house of the pastor next to the church) of the Presbyterian church in Newburyport, MA. (You can go to the church to learn more about Whitefield even today!).
       He was a man who was disciplined, reformed in his theology, passionate in his evangelistic zeal and sold out for a life of following Jesus. He told his friends that he “would rather wear out than rust out” and “We are immortal until our work is done.”
       How can you imitate the example of Whitefield as you imitate the example of our Lord Jesus Christ?

Please continue to pray for the nation of Ukraine. Here is a suggested list of prayers if you are at a loss for words in how to pray: Thank you for kneeling on behalf of the people of Ukraine and Russia, and taking a stand (or a knee in prayer) against the forces of darkness in this present age.

This Week (Nov. 18 – Nov. 24, 2022):

       1. Tonight, Nov. 18, 2022, the Living Stones Friday Night Bible Study is meeting from 7:30-9:30 to continue a study about God’s word. You can read Psalm 1 and Phil. 4:8-9 in order to prepare. Join in person in Room A-216 or online via the following link:
Meeting ID: 685 376 249
Password: 840840
Join by phone: +1 929 436 2866 US (New York)

2. The Living Stones Sunday School and Grace Ambassadors Sunday School is on Nov. 20.
      a. The Grace Ambassadors (Young Adults) will be meeting at 9:45 am (in-person in Room A-202)! We will be studying Tim Keller’s Book – “Prayer: Experiencing Awe and Intimacy with God”. More info is found on the YAs Messenger Chat. For further info, contact Liu Jiang.
      b. “Understanding the Old Testament” Sunday School is this Sunday at 9:45 in-person (Room A-216) and online via the following link:
Meeting ID: 491 248 585
Password: 403767
Join by phone: +1 929 205 6099 US (New York)

3. This Sunday, Nov. 20, 2022, at 11:25 am, Minister Jeremy MacDonald will be preaching. Pray for him! Join us for worship at CBCGL! You can also watch the live stream if you wish.

a. Text: TBD
b. Title: Thanksgiving
c. Live stream via Youtube:

4. Each Wednesday, for example, this coming November 23, 2022, at 7:45 pm, you are invited, encouraged, and requested to join our weekly prayer meeting. We’ll spend time praying for the persecuted church as well as praying for CrossPoint Community. The link is found below in the section on prayer.

Administration / Events

1. On this coming Sunday afternoon (Nov. 20), please stick around to help clean up CBCGL. Are you a guest? No problem! Enjoy lunch with us and head home. But if you are a regular attendee or a member (and you’re physically able), please stay to help clean up around and in our church, from 2 pm. You can clean up outside (raking leaves) or help clean up inside the rooms we normally use. Bring cleaning supplies for your chosen task(s)!

2. CBCGL’s COVID-19 guidance has been updated. We still are following CDC guidance for travel and participation in activities following travel or exposure to a positive case. We are no longer requiring new guests to complete the waiver form.

a. Please note, you are recommended, but not required to wear facemasks to church.

3. Sunday Lunch Service is back at CBCGL with $5 lunchboxes! To place an order, please use the following link: Orders need to be placed by Friday at 11 pm so that the kitchen can prepare the correct amount of food. Note: The selection which states “Number of Meals” refers to the cooked food/lunch box/Chinese food option.

4. We have a missions update! This week, we have an update from C and A who serve with Wycliffe Bible Translators (which focuses Bible Translation and Literacy) in Mexico. They have recently returned to Oaxaca to understand better how to serve the Mixe people. Please check the missions tab in our bulletin to read through these reports and learn how you can support our missionaries.

5. Sign-up to volunteer for November 24th, from 12:00 to 1:30, when CrossPoint Community will host a Thanksgiving Day Luncheon. This is primarily a way for us to serve those who don’t have family/friends in the area.

6. What if you could skip one dinner eating out and use the money saved to help someone in Uganda to receive a bike? $50 can send a bike to the very poor in Uganda who cannot even afford to use public transportation and must travel hours by foot to reach church or school. Skip a dinner-out and send a bike. Donation is easy. If God so prompts your heart to help, please visit Pastor Owino’s website to donate to help pay the fee of shipping the bikes to Uganda. $50 to ship one bike; $100 to ship two bikes. You can ship as many bikes as God prompts you. When donating online (via Paypal), please denote the donation with “Shipping fee for bike”.

7. All other announcements can be found here (in our CrossPoint Community bulletin).

For Prayer:

1. Our time in prayer shows what we think about God! Do you see your need of Him? Or are you trying to live this life without / apart from Him? Please join our Wednesday night prayer meeting (7:45 – 9:15 pm) even if you can’t participate the whole time.
Meeting ID: 758 587 937
Password: 030086
Join by phone: +1 929 436 2866 US (New York)

2. Here is our list of prayer and service requests. The service request tab is for brothers and sisters to ask for assistance or announce any give-away items. It is an attempt from CPC to reach out and take care of those in need among us. You may also enter yours via the provided link:

You can also do so via the following link:

In Christ, your servant, SDG,
Rev. Dr. Nathan Willems
Associate Pastor of CrossPoint Community – A Ministry of CBCGL