LYF This Week 11/17/22

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We had prayer meeting online on the discord! 8pm!


Join us for regular LYF! We are Continuing our series “Who is Jesus”! 


Join us for regular Sunday school 9:45-11am! Your Sunday School information can be found here:

Minister Jeremy will preach in the afternoon service please join us! 

Upcoming Events:

1) LYF Christmas Part is only a month away! Please join us Friday Dec 16th! We are doing a Gift exchange, please bring a gift UNDER $10
2) We also plan to have a Lock-in on the 16th as well! Permission Slips will be made available later!

Discord Instructions:

NOTE: Once you join please add a “Nickname” which is your actual name (for our group only) instructions are in the last link (below)

TO JOIN first watch this video:

Join our group here:

We also have a ‘LYF Gamers” Discord meant for socializing and hanging out entirely: 


If you installed it and join but are still confused on how to use it watch here: