Day 5: Beach Day!

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Hello friends!

We started this sunny morning off with a devotional about teamwork and trust. After a quick breakfast, we boarded a bus that took us straight to the beach for some evangelism and fun. During the ride, we were mesmerized by the abundance of green trees and blue skies, enjoying God’s beautiful creation. In trying to capture all the nature, too many pictures were taken.

When our team, the church members from Mundo de Fe and Pijije (another church), and the translators, arrived at the beach, we played some energizing team bonding beach games. One of my favorites was SPUD, which is a game involving throwing a ball and trying to hit people out.

Next, we split into two groups for beach evangelism and prayer. We approached individuals and groups and after introducing ourselves as missionaries from the United States, we handed out little cards with Bible verses and prayers in Spanish. We then asked to pray for them and if they had any specific requests; today was actually the first time I prayed in Spanish. We even got the opportunity to practice sharing the Gospel, which was a really good learning experience. Most of the people we met were already Christians, and unlike our evangelism experience in Lowell, MA, the majority of the people we encountered were extremely friendly and receptive to listening and being prayed for. In fact, my group met and talked to some tourists from the US and Canada. It was cool talking to other people about Jesus in English for a change. Despite our prayers, during this time the clouds decided to drizzle.

Following the evangelism, a little more fun in the water, and sea shell collecting, we ate a delicious lunch consisting of freshly cooked pork kebabs, chorizo, sausage and lots of tortillas. Then we played another exciting game involving running and crawling on our knees under the legs of our team members. We played boys vs. girls and sadly, the boys won.

When we arrived back to the Mundo de Fe church in the evening, rested and went to a local supermarket. We enjoyed a great dinner consisting of the ever so popular gallo pinto, eggs, and interesting fried cheese. The day ended with planning for the next few days of our trip.

Please pray for the upcoming busy VBS weekend, the three packed church services we will help lead on Friday, Saturday and Sunday. Pray that we will have the energy to serve to the best of our abilities. Finally, please lift up the 24 hr prayer service Mundo de Fe Church will be having for Nicaragua. May we participate in the prayer marathon with boldness and conviction and pray that God will be with the residents as their war is hurting many of them.

Thank you so much for all your support and prayer!

God bless!
Emily ?