Day 6: Prepping, Planning, and Practicing + A Little Midnight Service

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Hey friends!

Today was a day full of work, some productivity, and lots of worship. We started the day, as per usual, with a short morning devotional. This morning’s topic was humility in service. Team members reflected on their attitude during service, considering what kept them from serving solely for Christ and also brainstorming ways to show humility practically throughout the day. Afterwards, we enjoyed a satisfying breakfast while watching the World Cup quarterfinal game between France and Uruguay. Fortunately, France won, and we were guaranteed lunch after Pastor Rommel “threatened” us with no lunch to “mourn” if France lost.

After breakfast, our team set off to work. Some of us began planning for morning devotionals or VBS lessons, while others brainstormed and copied lyrics for an upcoming worship session. Still, others assisted in making wooden crosses; helping saw, sand, or glue. All this work was in preparation for the busy upcoming weekend, as previously mentioned. For the next few days, we are in charge of running a VBS (from 9am-12pm on Saturday and Sunday), preparing worship songs in Spanish for worship at church (in the church in Pijije and at Mundo de Fe), and praying during a continuous 24-hour marathon for the war and refugees in Nicaragua. In addition, tonight, from 8pm-12am, and tomorrow from 5-8pm, we have worship services at the church in Pijije (called Cristo Rompe Las Cadenas, which roughly translates to “Jesus Christ breaks the chains“). Clearly, we have a very packed agenda ahead, and it is only by God’s Grace that we were able to work productively.

Around noon, we took a break to enjoy a rich seafood soup with rice for lunch, while watching another World Cup game in which Belgium beat Brazil. Afterwards, we met to practice the songs we chose in the morning. At first it seemed like an impossible task, but God worked in us to persevere and familiarize ourselves with six different songs in Spanish. Later on, Charles and Cynthia left to purchase supplies for VBS, we and the rest of us spent multiple, consecutive hours working through tricky details in each song. Eventually we stopped to take showers and prepare for the night service. Soon after dinner, we left for the church in Pijije, arriving earlier and starting the service early as well.

The service was a new experience for most of us. It was the first time many of us participated in a service longer than three hours! We met up with some old friends we had met while working before as well. Personally, I was inspired by the open passion church members displayed in singing, prayer, and the way they seemed truly devoted to worship and being in His presence. It was a tiring experience, but definitely one I was glad to be a part of.

And of course, we can’t forget that today was Timmy’s birthday! We celebrated with repeated renditions of “Happy Birthday” (in Spanish and English) and after lunch, he was treated to two cakes, eighteen candles, and a wish. A traditional Costa Rican birthday drink called horchata, a sweet mix of different ingredients such as rice powder and cinnamon also made an appearance. He also was smeared in the face with frosting. Finally, we prayed for him at the Pijije.

Hope you’re enjoying these updates and finding them helpful. If you’d like to further support us, please pray for us. Pray for our busy weekend, and the many activities listed above. Also, pray for Nicaragua, as they are undergoing conflict, and many refugees are fleeing to Costa Rice. In addition, a relative of church members’ named Camilla, is currently in the hospital. Pray for comfort and healing in this time of uncertainty for them. Also pray that the work we do would have lasting impacts on those we interact with here in Costa Rica, and that we would grow in faith as well. Thank you for your time, please continue to support us!

Dios los bendigo! (I think that’s God bless!)
Caroline Chen