Day 8: Timoteo’s Terrific Time

by | Jul 9, 2018 | Youth Costa Rica STM | 0 comments

Hello fellow brothers and sisters in Christ,

I’m writing this to welcome you to the eighth day of our trip in Costa Rica. Throughout the night, we were each assigned two hours to pray for the needs of the difficult events in Nicaragua, as well as the neighbors of Mundo de Fe Iglesia. I was assigned the hours of 6-8 am in the morning alongside Anthony and Chris. We prayed for Nicaragua’s civil war situation and the churches there, and that God would provide. We also prayed for specific requests from locals, such as a baby named Mateo with only one functioning kidney.

Afterwards, we went to work on the second day of VBS, where we taught Jesus’ death and resurrection. We prepared a snack that showed Jesus’ tomb as well as his cross. It was made of marshmallows, pretzels, a half donut, and an Oreo. There were about 8 kids today, and many of whom were not there the first day, including Isaac, Diego, Ashley, David, and Brandon. I had the pleasure of giving them the lesson about the resurrection, which taught them the story of how Jesus addressed Thomas’ doubts by coming to life in front of Thomas after rising from death.

While this occurred during the sermon that Nathan was giving, we were called on about ten minutes in advance to sing two more songs. These two songs included What a Beautiful Name and Build Your Kingdom.

Afterwards, we ate lunch and took a little trip around the city. We picked up some snacks at Walmart and another local supermarket, as well as going to play some futball with more of the Costa Rican community and kids in their local park that we call the Iguana Park (since there is an Iguana statue there).

We ended the day developing stronger relationships with the people of Mundo de Fe, where I got to play cards with Isaac, who is twelve. We also ate hamburgers and French fries for dinner. It was good.

Thank you for continuing to read our blog and give us support. We appreciate it tremendously, and will update back tomorrow.


Timoteo ( Timothy Liu)