Day 9: The Blue River and Goodbyes

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Dear Friends and supporters,

This is our last day in Costa Rica. Pastor Rommel took us along with a dozen of Mundo De Fe church members to visit Tenorio Volcano National Park. Some young brothers from Pijije church also joined us. Apparently, they just want to spend more time with their new friends from CBCGL.

Costa Rica is known for its volcanos, rain forrests and beaches. Tenorio Vocano NP is basically a rain forrest at a foot of a volcano. Today is the only rainy day we had in Costa Rica. I guess it is better to experience a rain forrest in rain:) Our youngsters are full of energy, this rain and and muddy hiking trail can’t stop anyone. And with “Pura Vida” attitude we learned from Ticos ( i.e. Costa Ricans) , we just say, whatever, let’s enjoy this.

Walking up the mountain, we hear birds chirping, see big spiders hanging over our heads, taste some leaves which locals tell us it is medicine. It was so bitter, I think they just trolling with us. But hey, pura Vida.

After seeing a beautiful water fall, we suddenly notice the water here is blue. The legend is that God was making the world with paint brushes. He painted the sky blue, and painted ocean blue, by accident He dropped some blue paint off here in Costa Rico, that is why the water here is blue.

The real fact is, the volcano here produces many rich minerals. Two streams carry two different type of minerals following down. When the two streams meet, some reaction between the two type minerals and makes the water turn blue. How marvelous. We hiked all the way up where the two streams meet to see this with our own eyes.

After hiking down the mountain, we had a delicious Costa Rican meals with rice and bean which I never get tired of and some exotic fruit drink which I stopped  asking what it is, just drinked and enjoyed  it.

After we were charged and refreshed, we jumped into the blue river for a nice afternoon swim. Our youth swimmed and dived, shouted and laughed together with their new friends from local churches. Their joy and happiness filled the air around us, and touched our hearts.

The good time finally came to an end. It was time to go home and say goodbye to all these new friends we have in CR. Goodbye to Diana and Michelle, our volunteer interpreter of this week from Bagaces High. We thanked them for their great help, and wish they can know God and come to Jesus Christ sometime soon. We said goodbye to Augusto and his buddies from Pijije church, and wish their church continue grow and bless more people in Pijije. We said goodbye to brothers and sisters from Mundo De Fe, thanked for their hispitality, all the delicious meals, and teaching us some many ways to do evangelism.

Ciao, Costa Rico, brothers and sisters here in Liberia and Pijije. We will miss you. And hope in couple years, a new group of CBCGL youth will come here to serve, learn, and make new friends.

Gracias y Dios Bendiga

Carlos ( Charles Wang)