LYF This Week 7/17/2022

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This Friday we have normal Summer LYF, and Nathaniel Xie will be giving his LYF lesson!


We have Summer Sunday school all together in the LYF room!

Come join us for worship after in the main Sanctuary! Pastor Steve Chin will preach! 

Upcoming Events:

SYSP 2022 Is about a week away! Please check the packing list that was emailed to you and your parents! Please pray for the week of service ahead of us!!!

Looking forward to VBS:

VBS is approaching and your help is needed. Please join us on 7/17 afternoon for our once a year VBS decoration party. If you can paint, cut, and/or glue, you are the perfect candidate. Hope to see you on 7/17 afternoon.  We will meet at the cafeteria in the children’s wing. Please e-mail Mark Ye at if you will come so we can prepare lunch for you. In addition, we are collecting the following items:

1) Pool noodles

2) Large cardboard TV box 

3) Art paint(not industrial paint). Black, gray or any color you have. 

4) tube shaped cardboard 

5) Paint brushes. 

6) Solid color wrapping paper. Red, blue, yellow, any color will be fine. Please bring items to the “VBS collection Box” located at the main cafeteria and the children’s wing welcome area. Your donations is greatly appreciated!

~VBS committee

Discord Instructions:

NOTE: Once you join please add a “Nickname” which is your actual name (for our group only) instructions are in the last link (below)

TO JOIN first watch this video:

Join our group here:

We also have a ‘LYF Gamers” Discord meant for socializing and hanging out entirely: 

If you installed it and join but are still confused on how to use it watch here: