LYF This Week (12/13/2022)

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Regular announcements:


  • There is  Prayer Meeting on the discord 8pm sharp!


  • We will begin our Friday night fellowship 30 min early with a big dinner at 7pm!!!! Invite your friends to join us!
    • Charles will likely be making stir-fried noodles! Minister Jeremy will be making Chicken soup and oven roasted pork! Come and eat! see what else we bring!
  • There is our annual LYF Christmas Party!!!! We are doing a Gift exchange, please bring a gift UNDER $10! Invite your friends to join us!
  • AFTER our Christmas party we also have a LOCK-IN!!! If you want to go to the lock-in please bring this permission slip signed by a parent/legal guardian!
  • Right after the Lock-in there will be a volunteering with the wish project for a food and clothes drive AT CHURCH! Stay after! Get your parents to come pick you up and serve together at church!

Upcoming Events:


The Annual WTC (Winter Teen Conference) for 2023 registration is out! WTC is a multi-church youth retreat, with other local Chinese heritage churches! It will be a great chance to connect with God while making new friends!

  • The retrear is during the first weekend of Feb break: 17-20 
  • Early registration deadline is 12/26 ($10 off)
  • Normal Deadline is Jan 6th! 
  • ***please note that CBCGL youth group does not include 6th grade, unlike other churches. If there is room for 6th graders than they will be notified separately. As of now, for us, this registration is 7th grade and up.***



Discord Instructions:

NOTE: Once you join please add a “Nickname” which is your actual name (for our group only) instructions are in the last link (below)

TO JOIN first watch this video:

Join our group here:

We also have a ‘LYF Gamers” Discord meant for socializing and hanging out entirely: 


If you installed it and join but are still confused on how to use it watch here: