LYF with Jesus – Week 3-15-2024

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This Week

  • Friday Mar. 15th – 7:30pm WorShep night; 9:30pm starts 30-hour famine (Saturday community service and 6pm Break-fast dinner)
  • Sunday Mar. 17th – 9:45am Spring Sunday school ; 11:25am Worship Service; 1-3pm Easter family festival volunteer training

Next Week

  • Friday Mar. 22th – 7:30pm Genesis Character Study– Hagar & Ishmael
  • Sunday Mar. 24th – 9:45am Spring Sunday school ; 11:25am Worship Service

Our Future with Jesus (Upcoming Events):

  • March 30th Sat – Easter family festival
  • March 31th Sun – Easter Combine worship & Baptism ceremony
  • April 7th Sun – Youth summer mission program training

Sign-up :

  • If you would like to join our youth summer mission team to serve at Root Cellar in Lewiston, ME, Please let Deacon Rick and Elder Charles know by 3/29.