Operation: Father’s Day

by | Jun 21, 2020 | Children Ministry, Uncategorized | 0 comments

Happy Father’s Day!

To all of our dads (biological and adopted), grandfathers, great grandfathers, spiritual fathers, and dads with little ones in heaven, we thank you, love you and honor you today! Not just today, but also every day, we appreciate your love, support, advice, encouragement and example to us as you continue to walk in the fear, love and wisdom of the LORD! We thank you for being the provider and protector of your families. We praise God for you and celebrate you! 

After a month of secretive (or not so secretive) planning, filming and editing in our surprise “Operation: Father’s Day,” the children and youth of CBCGL would like to present our gift to you! We hope you’re surprised! Grab a box of tissues, there’s no shame in manly tears! We love you, Dad! God bless you!

P.S. Special shout out to all the moms out there that tried their best to be sneaky and helped to make Operation: Father’s Day a success; to all the children and youth who participated in the video; to our video editor, Adrien Lam, for putting this altogether, and to Oliver Deng, for lending us your laptop and your expertise in Adobe. Thank you for your hard work in making Operation: Father’s Day a successful “surprise”! Now go out there and give your dads and granddads amazing hugs and kisses!