TMT 2024 – Day 2 – July 6, 2024

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We began the day with a wonderful breakfast prepared by the School Principal, who stayed overnight to take care of us and made sure we had breakfast. It was such a kind gesture!
We received the latest news this morning. The original plan was to have outdoor activities with the local young people for five afternoons (8-12 Jul). However, they were unable to join us for the first four days and can only attend on the Friday  Campfire. This news came as a surprise and disappointment to us, as it was our only opportunity to spend more time with them and share our faith indirectly during this period.
Following breakfast, we had a 1.5-hour discussion about our TMT team duties for Sunday’s worship. The initial discussion was quite chaotic, lacking clear direction. However, in the last 25 minutes, we managed to align our entire team, including the youths. We established that we would sing two songs before Pastor ZiYi’s sermon and then have a combined song with Ren Lun Church Youth afterward.
After the discussion, we headed to a restaurant to meet the Deacons, Elders, and Youths from Ren Lun Church. During lunch, I had delightful and peaceful discussions with their youth worship leader. The Ren Lun Youth were incredibly accommodating and supportive regarding the song selection for our combined performance. I love them so so so much!!!!
Later, on our way back to school in the bus we had booked for 33 people, it takes 30 mins to school but in the middle of the way to school, we encountered a “small” problem….

We had 1.5 hours to practice the songs again, and our two youth leaders worked diligently with us, creating a beautiful and focused practice session.
After dinner, we had a sharing session, but many people were too tired to participate. I realized that it was perhaps not the best time for such a meeting, and that’s okay. Sometimes, we should not ask/force people to share and we may just ask people to talk to Jesus not each other. But I was so tired that’s why I didn’t have energy to hold this section but I should.
The attacks from the enemy seem unending. This morning 3:30am, I got the message that Chen Zi and Lucas suddenly received notifications from the airline, canceling their return tickets for no apparent reason. After several hours of communication with the airline, they ultimately had to leave Taiwan three days early (12 July 2024 5:25pm) and take an earlier flight back to the US. I will help to manage the transportation with local people soon.

Prayer requests:
1. Pray that the Lord strengthens our faith, so that even in the face of various difficulties, we firmly believe that the Lord is in control, and that all setbacks are permitted by Him to accomplish greater things.
2. Thank the Lord for keeping us safe and continue to bless and protect every step we take, so that we may experience an abundance of His grace.
3. Pray that our team will have a wonderful fellowship with the Ershui Renlun Church today 3 hours later. Pray for Pastor Zhang Ziyi’s sermon during the worship service, our singing, and our collaboration with the young people of the church in service.
4. After the worship service, we will discuss the details of the campfire activities to be held on Friday evening with the local church. Pray for guidance from the Lord so that we can prepare for the event with one heart and one mind, allowing the attending students to feel our love and enjoy the day’s activities.
5. Pray for comfort for Chen Zi and Lucas who have to leave the camp early, and pray that they may continue to work for the Lord during these days.