TMT 2024 – Day 3 – July 7, 2024

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This morning, we went to Renlun Church in Xinyi Township, Nantou. The church is situated amidst mountains, offering a beautiful view. Prior to the service, our team rehearsed a song with the local youth. The passionate worship led by the local youth and the indigenous Bunun tribe’s singing were truly inspiring.
After the service, the church hosted a sumptuous lunch for us. We enjoyed a time of fellowship and then the youth discussed the details of the upcoming large outdoor activity on Friday. We also played ice-breaking games together, breaking down barriers. In the evening, we returned to the school classrooms to prepare for the English camp starting tomorrow and conducted our daily review.

Prayer Items:
1. Thank the Lord for allowing us to worship and fellowship with the local brothers and sisters at Renlun Church.
2. Thank the Lord that after two days of interaction, both parents and youth have better communication and understanding. Pray that the Lord continues to lead the entire team in united service.
3. The five-day English camp begins tomorrow. Pray for confidence and strength for each youth and for the Lord’s presence with them, enabling them to face every challenge with strength, faith, hope, and love as they engage with the students.
4. Pray for the protection of each participating student, that they may fully engage in this English camp, learn, and be willing to build relationships with our youth.