2021 Fall – Upcoming Seminars on Majors, Jobs, Careers

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Note: This post is under construction. We hope to have it completed soon. Apology.

The CBCGL Ladies Fellowship is delighted to have a few very talented young women from our congregations who will come to share with us about their career this Fall. As our high schoolers are searching what they might do in the future, those heading out to college in the Fall might have already decided what major they will pursue in college. Some are still undecided. The speakers at the fall seminars will be sharing about their careers and the courses they took in college that prepared them for the job. A few of them will also share how their current career is not what they planned for at college. They will share w/ us what led to the change. Through the various presentations from our special speakers we hope to give our attendees a picture of what a typical day is like for a certain job. In turn it might aid our high schoolers to narrow down the choices when they go off to college.

Note: For November & December, we might not have any regular lectures or seminars, instead we might do an annual Holiday Event. The details are forthcoming. If you have any suggestions, please contact Patricia Fung or any of the Ladies Fellowship team leaders:

      • Mandarin Fellowship – Grace Ren & Ping Cui
      • Cantonese Fellowship – Shu Lam & Lucy Ho
      • English Fellowship – Ying Fleming & Vivian Gillis

September 19, 2021

    • Biology Research – Carmen Li
    • Business – Anita Geng Li
    • Elevate New England – Liz Cheung

October 17, 2021

    • Finance – Katie Wong
    • Counseling – Christina Feng
    • Biology/BioTechnology – Jillian Yuan

January 16, 2022

    • Data Analysis/Project Management – Yijin Lin
    • Sales – Cynthia Stellmaker
    • Nurse or PA – TBD

February 20, 2022

    • TBD
    • TBD