2021 Fall – Panel Discussions on Navigating the College Years

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The CBCGL Ladies Fellowship is delighted to have a few very talented young women from our congregations who will come to share with us about their college experiences and their current career. As our students enter college, they are all of a sudden alone, perhaps a bit scared, facing many important decisions to make (alone), and unsure how they can navigate through all the turns of unknown, and what to do to prepare for that “next step”. Some questions our students will face are:

  • Why should students apply for an internship? How to apply for an internship? What are other options if they don’t?
  • How to plug into a Christian campus fellowship? How to find a church?
  • How do students share their faith on campus and at work?
  • How do students develop leadership skills so they are better prepared for their job?
  • How to pick courses that are relevant to their job?
  • How do students find a job?

Our experienced panelists who were once a college grad not long ago and are now in the workforce. They asked the same questions. Faced the same hurdles. They got through these hurdles. They will be here to share their experiences on how they managed these challenges. I encourage all students and parents to come and hear our panelists to share their proven advice and extremely useful insights on how they prepared for that “next step” in their 4 years in college.

 If you have any questions, feedback, or suggestions, please contact Patricia Fung or any of the Ladies Fellowship team leaders:

      • Mandarin Fellowship – Grace Ren & Ping Cui
      • Cantonese Fellowship – Shu Lam & Lucy Ho
      • English Fellowship – Ying Fleming & Vivian Gillis

All meetings are held in the Cantonese Sanctuary on the first floor of building A.

Meeting starts at 1:30pm EST

September 19, 2021 – Recording

    • Biology Research – Carmen Li
    • Business – Anita Li Geng
    • Elevate New England, Youth Non-Profit – Liz Cheung

October 17, 2021 – Recording

    • Finance – Katie Wong
    • Counseling – Christina Feng
    • Biology/BioTechnology – Jillian Yuan

November 14, 2021 – Recording

    • Sales – Cynthia Stellmaker
    • Physician Assistant – Jessica Chen

December, 2021

    • No meeting
    • Christmas break