LYF This Week (8/10/2022)

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We have prayer meeting this afternoon! IN PERSON at Church, in the LYF room 2:45 – 3:45!! See you there!! (None online at night)


There is no LYF due to VBS. I repeat, NO LYF.


Join us for our LYF and KM Family Beach trip: Salisbury Beach at 10am! 8/13!

    • No permission slips required
    • No rides organized, COME WITH YOUR FAMILY!! or with your friends family!
  • Unless we send out a message on the facebook or through weechat telling you otherwise, try to meet us around here: 
  • This is right near the “Seaglass Restaurant and Lounge”. There is good some good share for those who want it in this area. We will try to meet up here! BUT look out for a facebook/discord/weechat update day of incase we choose to meet up somewhere else on the beach


We have regular SUMMER sunday school! Join us in the LYF room continuing our lessons on Spiritual Formation!

Pastor Raymond Lee will preach in the afternoon service please join us!

Upcoming Events:

LYF will have an end of the summer LOCK-IN! Friday August 26th!!  Please test 3 days before and the day of to (as best we can) prevent Covid spreading. Permissions slips will be out early next week!

LYF will also be doing community services Sat August 27th!! Please join us after our Lock-in for a day of service! 

**The Lock-in and Community service are separate events and attending one does not mean you must attend the other, BUT we highly encourage you to join us for both!

Discord Instructions:

NOTE: Once you join please add a “Nickname” which is your actual name (for our group only) instructions are in the last link (below)

TO JOIN first watch this video:

Join our group here:

We also have a ‘LYF Gamers” Discord meant for socializing and hanging out entirely: 

If you installed it and join but are still confused on how to use it watch here: